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Friends Of Dionysus Wine Club.

Let's build a winery. Together.

The Friends of Dionysus Wine Club is a place for wine lovers. United through web 3.0 technology. Initially, the club‘s focus lies on community building and wine experiences, but ultimately the goal is to build a community-led wine brand and winery.

The Vision

Our vision is inspired by a simple desire: we want to create a sincere and sustainable community by building a real-life winery in Italy.

Community members will get short-term, but also long-term perks. We are building for the future.

Dionysus enjoys la dolce vita

The Drop

Our initial NFT drop – “Dionysus Returns” – has a simple mission: to unite a community of crypto and wine enthusiasts. All NFT holders will become Friends of Dionysus and buy into our long-term vision while getting short-term benefits.

Metaphorically speaking, "Dionysus Returns" virtually breaks ground on the pathway to our vision. Become a part of
 a completely new type of community, get a token & be there when "Dionysus Returns".






The Utility

We anticipate and plan to have several utilities for NFT holders. Utilities range from community access to wine drops and other rewards. NFT holders will be involved in further fine-tuning the utilities and rewards. Here is an initial overview of the anticipated utilities:


1. Be part of the vision: pave the way to the Dionysus' Winery

The long-term vision is to build a winery with housing options. The NFT holders, as day-one supporters of the project, will play a crucial role in developing this vision. Eventually, we want to reward the commitment of the community with access to the winery - for a holiday, a hands on wine-experience or just a little get-away.


2. Perks in our future drops

Every NFT of the 'Dionysus Returns' drop will offer perks for our upcoming drops. These might be airdrops or early access to a drop.


3. Dionysus’ Drops Of Wine

Every owner of our NFT will get access to limited physical drops. The drops will include wine from small existing wineries (to support them), it could also be a puzzle of the artwork, a special cork screwier, etc. Again, the NFT-holders will be involved in selecting the physical drops. Early access to these physical drops could be enabled by collectors' challenges.


4. Community: Socializing, knowledge building, gatherings

We will host events with party games in which the community can connect with each other. And obviously, we want to build up wine knowledge (= Dionysus Encyclopedia) collectively that benefits the winery.


5. Participation

Every owner of our NFT will have a chance to actively participate in the project.The NFT-community will be consulted and involved in matters such as design choices for the wine bottles, to the merchandise we will create and the way we should use the funds in the community wallet.










The Artist

Paul Grabowski

Paul is a German Illustrator and Graphic Designer. He also does some okayish animations. He sometimes works for brands but prefers to get creative while illustrating beer labels. He loves Spain and Spanish food, so he recently decided to move there.

The Artwork

Dionysus Returns

Dionysus Returns consists of a huge map divided into columns and rows. Each NFT represents one tile. A script generates the characteristics of each piece and places hand-drawn illustrations randomly across the map. Your NFT is a tile of a bigger artwork - a hybrid of automated & randomized creation and finely illustrated artwork by Paul.

The Team

Initiators of the project

Friends of Dionysus was initiated by the founders of Craft Clarity GmbH, a Munich based Consultancy offering Entrepreneurship-as-a-Service. We advise multinational corporations, NGOs and start-ups in their offline, online and web3 endeavors.



Tech Lead



Creative Technologist



Business x Partnerships






Strategic Advisor 



Business Strategist

Trusted Partners

100% legit business, 0% chance for rugs

Craft Clarity - the initiators behind Friends of Dionysus - are trusted by many credible brands in the agriculture, NFT and NGO space


Associates & Counselors

Core contributors & principal advisors 









Wine & Crypto Advisor



Wine & Crypto Advisor


The Story

Let us start by revitalizing the story of Dionysus the Greek Wine God. We won't bore you with the commonly known and past endeavors of Dionysus. Instead, we will focus on the untold and shed light on Dionysus' new ambitions.


the Greek Wine God is alive and among us. He is currently wandering the world, enjoying la dolce vita. 


he prefers to be referred to as the “Greek Geek God” since he is madly in love with anything involving crypto, tech, and innovation. 


he is obsessed with one simple desire: to use the power of crypto to build a sincere wine-loving community. Put more precisely, the Greek Geek God wants to use NFTs, this human-made miraculous technology, to make a God’s dream come true.


So, for the sake of god, join us by becoming a Friend of Dionysus.